Project Updates

Project updates are:

  • used by the TOC to determine the health of a project, including whether project should be moved to Dormant state
  • provided to the Governing Board on a monthly basis in the TOC Update
  • used to highlight interesting updates to the Governing Board about the projects
  • used by the TOC chair to provide project updates at both the annual Member Summit and Global Forum
  • used to share interesting information with member companies by both the staff and TOC members
  • suggested as a point of reference for newcomers to determine if a project would be worth joining based on information like the contributor diversity, as well as, the type of feature work that is ongoing within the project

Instructions for Filing

  1. Copy the file to the subdirectory for the current year and name the file YYYY-Qn-Project-Name (e.g.,
  2. Update the information at the top of the file:
    • change the parent line to YYYY (e.g., parent: 2023)
    • change the grand_parent to Project Updates (i.e., grand_parent: Project Updates)
    • remove the nav_exclude line
  3. Text between <mark></mark> are instructions. Please remove when section has been completed.

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