2020 Q1 Hyperledger Grid

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Hyperledger Grid:   https://www.hyperledger.org/projects/grid

Project Health

Health is good. Last quarter’s goal was to get Grid running on another back-end platform, Splinter . Splinter is a privacy-focused platform for distributed applications that provides a blockchain-inspired networking environment for communication and transactions between organizations. It is now possible to run Grid on Splinter using experimental Splinter Docker images. This confirms a pattern for future back-end platforms that support running smart contracts with Hyperledger Transact . Community interactions are typically done via Hyperledger Chat discussions.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

There are no specific issues at the moment.


No prior releases.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

The main source of engagement is still the Hyperledger Ch”at #grid channel .

Some highlights of the projects activity include:

  • The RFC for Grid Catalog was approved
  • New example of running Grid on Splinter

Current Plans

Specific plans include:

  • Expand the Grid-on-Splinter example to include a Grid UI.
  • Implement GS1 Catalog framework as defined by design RFCs

Maintainer Diversity

The list of active maintainers for Hyperledger Grid currently remains unchanged.

We anticipate adding additional maintainers as contributions increase for areas currently in development.

The maintainers are currently made up of 18 individuals across 5 companies.

Contributor Diversity

Sponsoring organizations that are actively contributing to Grid include Cargill, Target, GS1, and Bitwise IO.

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