2021 Q4 Hyperledger Cello

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Project Health

Overall health is OK with working on the coming v1.0 release. 

The project is following the plan to for 1.0 release with new architecture.

  1. Continue with the new dashboard;
  2. Finish new agent design and docker agent implementation;
  3. Continue the  API Engine;
  4. Finish two demos: creating nodes, new cliSDK;
  5. The internship project goes well with Yuanmao Zhu

Required Information

  1. Have you switched from master to main in all your repos ? yes
  2. Have you implemented the Common Repository Structure in all your repos ? 1. LICENSE - yes
  3. CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md   - yes 3. SECURITY.md   - yes 4. README.md   - yes 5. MAINTAINERS.md   - yes 6. CONTRIBUTING.md   - yes 7. CHANGELOG - yes




Still working on v1.0.0 (In plan at the end of Dec) with new features of:

  • New distributed governing model and new architecture;
  • Support fabric  2.2 LTS.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

This quarter, we mainly have been focusing on Development of API engine and front end.

  • Completed the front end basic work;
  • Finish the new backend agent (based on Docker);
  • Continued development of API engine.
  • node APIs are done;
  • channel APIs are almost done;
  • chaincode APIs are on-going.
  • Two demos are done on the backend API workflow, and cli SDK.

Current Plans

Next steps include:

  • Finish the remaining APIs in API server;
  • Finish the dashboard change.

Maintainer Diversity

Current there are 3 maintainers, and those active developers who contribute to cello continuously (3 month) may be nominated as new maintainers. 

  • Baohua Yang (Oracle)
  • Haitao Yue (YiJianTianShu Technology)
  • Qiang Xu (H3C)

Contributor Diversity

This quarter, we have  a total of 20 commits from 3 contributors.

Additional Information

Insights from Oct 1, 2021  to  Dec 6 2021 , can be found at  Cello stats for last quarter.

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