2020 Q2 Hyperledger Quilt

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Hyperledger Quilt

Project Health

Project health over Q2 has been good. We had two dot-releases of the library ( v1.2.0 in April and v1.3.0 in May). Both versions included bug fixes, several security enhancements, and quality improvements. Of note are enhancements to the STREAM sender implementation to make STREAM payments more efficient. No new contributors or maintainers joined the project during this quarter but we maintained the same core group of contributors.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

There are no issues at this time.


Quilt had two releases in Q2:

  • Quilt   v1.2.0 : Bug fixes and quality improvements.
  • Quilt   v1.3.0 : Bug fixes, security enhancements, improvements to STREAM payment sender.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

This past quarter was mainly focused on bug-fixes, minor improvements, and minor security improvements.

Current Plans

The team is currently working to productionalize the   Java Connector   and enhance it with Wallet functionality to be able to store and track Interledger transactions. A dev implementation can experimented with at https://xpring.io . Using feedback from this process, we will potentially introduce new functionality into the Quilt library as it makes sense – in particular, we are focusing on building an implementation of Open Payments specification, which enable eCommerce and P2P payment flows over Interledger. It is possible that some of these primitives will be ported into Quilt once we finish our POCs in the Connector project.

Finally, a third-party independent security review of both the Quilt libraries and Java Connector projects was completed. While I can’t share the actual audit results publicly, the audit found no major security issues. The v1.3.0 release of Quilt rectifies any concerns that were identified in that audit, although nothing in previous versions of Quilt should be considered insecure or problematic. I plan to setup time with David H. to go through the audit issues in more detail.

Maintainer Diversity

Maintainer diversity is unchanged with four full-time people maintaining the project. While our technical diversity is strong, we are all funded by the same company, so from this perspective maintainer diversity is low.

Contributor Diversity

Contributor diversity is unchanged.

Additional Information

Not at this time.

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