Project Health

  • Hyperledger Bevel continues to grow strong in terms of community interest as seen by new members joining and asking question on discord channel.
  • The project is on track with its roadmap and release commitments.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

  • NA


Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

  1. Hyperledger Meetup: Bevel-Operator-Fabric using Bevel. Had around 40 participants
  2. Release v0.15 feature demo. No external participants
  3. Major features:
    • Ambassador ingress proxy upgrade to latest ambassador edge stack
    • Deployment of chaincode as an external service
    • Deployment of HL Fabric v2.5.4 network
    • Support for HL Fabric organization peers deployed across multiple clusters
    • Network deployment support on Kubernetes v1.24
  4. Helm chart names refactored to avoid conflicts and follow naming conventions
  5. Fixed existing known bugs
  6. Improved chart readability and maintainability by adding single vault management and package management scripts

Current Plans

  1. End year release plan for Bevel v1.0
  2. Release v1.0 community discussion
  3. Work towards completions of mentorship: Doc redesign
  4. Corda 5 OS support
  5. Platform specific deployment workflows
  6. Helm chart testing

Maintainer Diversity

  • Existing maintainers:
    • Jagpreet Singh Sasan (Accenture)
    • Sownak Roy (Accenture)
    • Suvajit Sarkar (Accenture)
    • Aditya Joshi (Walmart)
    • Arun S M (Walmart)
    • Weihong Ou (Walmart)
  • Emeritus Maintainers:
    • Jonathan M Hamilton (Accenture)
    • Tracy Kuhrt (Accenture)

Contributor Diversity

Additional Information

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