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  • Proposed Task Forces based on our goals discussion. Prioritize and confirm chairs.
    • Best Practices for Automated Pipelines

      • how to produce and publish artifacts
    • Project Best Practices

      • gather current best practices
      • determine gaps
    • Badging/Lifecycle

    • Documentation

      • Common styling
      • Common publishing platform
      • Best practices for creating documentation, including information on tooling and the audiences
      • Create a template repo
    • Onboarding
      • SIG Chairs

      • TOC members

      • Maintainers

      • Developers/Users

      • Contributors

      • Citizens (community members)

    • Supported Project

      • Related to Hyperledger, but maybe not blockchain (ZKP, for instance)
    • Security - Vulnerability disclosure

      • Document default template for vulnerability disclosure processes for Hyperledger projects
    • Security - Artifact signing

    • Others?

Project Proposals (from hyperledger/hyperledger-hips)

Backlog (from hyperledger/toc)


Attended by:

  • Arnaud J Le Hors
  • Arun S M
  • Bobbi Muscara
  • David Enyeart
  • Jim Zhang
  • Marcus Brandenburger
  • Peter Somogyvari
  • Ramakrishna V
  • Stephen Curran
  • Timo Glastra
  • Tracy Kuhrt