2020 Q4 Hyperledger Explorer

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Hyperledger Explorer

Project Health

Project health is green.  We use all of the following to help keep project health green. Questions asked via rocket chat are being answered in a timely manner. For greater efficiency in this regard, the FAQ page is updated with every release.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

No issues currently.


v1.1.3 (30 Sep 2020)

  • Bugfixes

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

This quarter, we mainly have been focusing on having more engagement with the community.

  • Attended Blockchain Tech Fest 2020 to make Explorer project more visible
  • Started discussion with new contributors to add new features to Explorer

The insight chart can be found at Explorer  stats for last quarter .

Current Plans

  • Apply ACL rule of a network to Hyperledger Explorer user management
  • Unifying 2 platforms (Fabric/Iroha) support the master branch
  • Add new peer metrics view based on the information collected via Prometheus
  • Continue on bug fixes, help community in configuring HLExplorer and troubleshooting
  • Integrate the additional features mentioned in the “Contributor Diversity” section into Explorer

Maintainer Diversity

We’ve had a few spot contributors added.  No new maintainers were added. We really need the community to come forward and contribute.

Please find here the maintainers list.  https://github.com/hyperledger/blockchain-explorer/blob/master/MAINTAINERS.md

Contributor Diversity

The current main contributors are from DTCC and Fujitsu. We have 8 unique contributors on Github and 9 unique reporters on JIRA in this quarter.

We had a session in Blockchain Tech Fest 2020 to present the project overview and project roadmap to the potential users and contributors. We really appreciated  David Boswell and  Ry Jones introducing this opportunity to us and also thanks so much to all in Hyperledger India Chapter, Hyperledger Africa Chapter, and Hyperledger Sweden who organized this wonderful event.

And we had some proposals for Hyperledger Explorer as below:

  • New contributions
  • EasyDoser
  • This is the outcome of one of the Hyperledger Internship programs. The integration of this feature into Explorer will offer more visibility of the network to users.
  • Ease endorsement operations for Hyperledger based products (EasyDoser)
  • LedgerDataRefiner
  • Fujitsu Lab. has proposed integrating their open-sourced ledger data analytics tool into Explorer. We have started the discussion on how to proceed with this contribution.
  •   https://github.com/FujitsuLaboratories/Ledger-Data-Refiner
  • WIP contributions
  • minifab
  • This project is offering Hyperledger Explorer support as one of their features and we think it will be a good mutual reference. 
  • hyperledger-explorer-made-easy
  • This is a kind of utility tool for the easy setup of Hyperledger Explorer. After evaluating this tool and having a consensus for merging it into the Explorer repo within the team, we might get it included in Explorer as one of the official features.

Additional Information

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The TSC has decided to request the project reports include relevant data from the LF Insights tool to make it easier to get that information while reviewing reports (see Add Insights dashboard reference to quarterly reports ). Please add the following link to your report (and from then on carry over the link with rolling dates so that it is scoped to the last 3 months):



Posted by lehors at Nov 30, 2020 12:42

Thank you for pointing out. I added the link to `Overall Activity in the Past Quarter` section. 

Posted by nekia at Dec 01, 2020 05:08

"We really need the community to come forward and contribute"
What is a good starting point for new contributors? Can we have a blog written about the plans/architecture? Maybe come and present it to the TSC, we can publish about this session to larger audience.

Posted by arsulegai at Dec 04, 2020 15:03