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Quarterly reports

Past due reports

  • 2023 Q2 Hyperledger Sawtooth (due 27 Apr 2023)
    • Reminder to maintainers sent May 2
    • Sawtooth contributors had a meeting on 26th April, a day before the due date for the quarterly report. The team is experimenting new ways of working to increase the contributor base.
    • James Barry will be submitting the Q2 2023 report.
    • James has put up a draft for internal project team’s review before sending it over to the TOC.

Upcoming reports



Attended by

  • Arnaud J Le Hors
  • Arun S M
  • Bobbi Muscara
  • David Enyeart
  • Jim Zhang
  • Marcus Brandenburger
  • Peter Somogyvari
  • Ramakrishna V
  • Stephen Curran
  • Timo Glastra
  • Tracy Kuhrt