2021 Q2 Hyperledger Transact

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Project Health

Health is good. Work has been focused on improving performance of SQL database support, as well as continued work on workload tools that can be leveraged by different distributed ledgers for performance and stability testing.

Required Information

  1. Have you switched from master to main in all your repos ? yes
  2. Have you implemented repolinter.json in all your repos ? no

Questions/Issues for the TSC

No issues currently.


Since project creation, the project has had 19 releases. The current release is 0.3.6. The releases are available on crates.io : https://crates.io/crates/transact/versions

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Continued incremental improvements to the initial code base. Additional activity shown below. The primary method of discussion continues to be held in RocketChat.

  • A Command family workload has been added which can be run with the workload CLI.
  • Initial work on improved merkle-radix support over SQL databases, with SQLite as the initial targeted platform.

Current Plans

Next steps include:

  • Add a example application that uses the command family workload
  • Complete and stabilizing SQL database support 
  • Add PostgreSQL database support
  • Add a next-generation smart contract API / simplified smart contracts (cross-project with Sawtooth, in progress)
  • Further develop the Transact SDK for JavaScript
  • Move Sawtooth Sabre into Transact

Maintainer Diversity

The maintainer diversity currently matches that of the initial project sponsor companies.

Contributor Diversity

There were a total of 5 contributors in the last quarter, same as last quarter. 

Additional Information

Insights from February 24th 2021 to May 25 2021


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