Project Health

Project activity has increased this month with contributors fixing documentation and general linting issues. Analysis and discussion continues on unifying main and 1-3 branches. A maintainer page has been added to the documentation, clarifying (and simplifying) the process for adding and removing maintainers. Community meetings continue.

Questions/Issues for the TOC

The previous quarter’s report was written by a contributor and long-time community member, in good faith, but caused some level of confusion. Our goal is to involve more contributors, including distributing the work of writing quarterly reports, as we attempt to expand our contributor base. Patience requested.


There have been no releases since the last report.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

The #sawtooth channel has continued to have user-level questions, many of which are the result of documentation issues (thus the on-going effort to enhance/correct documentation). The #sawtooth-contributors channel had some technical discussion on transaction processing.

Most PRs focused on documentation, bug fixes, linting, or minor enhancements.

Current Plans

Analysis of the 1-3 and main branches occurred and discussion continues on whether/how to unify them. In particular, investigation into backporting from main to 1-3 is in progress, as is verifying that all 1-3 changes have been reflected in main. A possible next step is adopting the sawtooth-lib crate in 1-3.

At least one commercial fork of 1.2 contains features which the community as a whole would like to see merged into the 1-3 development branch. This is driving the branch unification discussions. If major features make it into 1-3, then it is very likely that we will merge 1-3 back into main in the future. If the features remain minimal, we may just forward-port the features to main. The ideal guiding principle is to all work in the same direction.

Work to clarify the expectations and process for becoming a maintainer is intended to make it easier, and work will continue on enabling contributors toward that milestone.

Maintainer Diversity

The current list of Maintainers can be found in the docs

Note some of these maintainers have been inactive for some time. They will be moved to emeritus through the new processes soon, including updates to the files.

Several maintainers have been moved to retired (emeritus) status. Many of these maintainers had been partially retired in the past but not removed from all repositories. These Maintainers include:

  • Anne Chenette
  • Boyd Johnson
  • Darian Plumb
  • Eloá França Verona
  • Logan Seeley

The Sawtooth maintainer rules have been revamped to make it easier to add/remove maintainers and provide clear guidelines for those seeking maintainership. This should make it easier to add new maintainers from Taekion and BlockchainTP.

Contributor Diversity

Commits from 2023-03-31 to 2023-07-28 : 41

Committers from 2023-03-31 to 2023-07-28 : 5

Domains from 2023-03-31 to 2023-07-28 : 2

Additional Information