Project Health

  • 2 active maintainers
  • Questions on Discord and GitHub are regularly answered.
  • Monthly contributor calls if needed (discussion happens mostly on Discord).
  • Mentorship-related improvements are expected in the next quarter, no other project core contributions.

Questions/Issues for the TOC

Not at this time.


The latest stable release is v0.5.0; we’re also continuously publishing unstable releases after every merged PR (no new releases):

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

The activity has been minimal in the last quarter due to the maintainers being otherwise engaged. The mentorship is expected to reignite the activity around Caliper. Moreover, there’s an ongoing discussion about establishing a performance-related group (of some form), along with preparing workshop materials from ongoing mentorships. We think such publicity will do good for Caliper in terms of gaining more contributors.

Current Plans

Currently, the focus is mainly on the mentorship project and its potential integration with Caliper (including the potential longer term contribution of the mentee).

Maintainer Diversity

Current maintainers unchanged.

Contributor Diversity

Contributions from maintainers and the community.

Additional Information