2020 Q3 Hyperledger Grid

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Hyperledger Grid https://www.hyperledger.org/projects/grid

Project Health

Health is good. Focus and discussion is currently on adding business capabilities. Work is underway to define a GS1-compatible Location capability which will be leveraged by the other higher-order capabilities in the future. Other features are actively being discussed.  

Questions/Issues for the TSC

There are no specific issues   at the moment .  


No prior releases.  

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Much activity has focused on the Location feature. Work included writing and reviewing the Locations RFC and beginning development on the Locations smart contract.  

Work was also started on updating Grid database code with modular patterns designed to allow the easy support of multiple database backends. PostgreSQL and SQLite are the first two to be supported.  

The Grid website got a fresh theme and the infrastructure to build/publish it has been simplified to encourage contributions.  

The main source of asynchronous engagement is still the Hyperledger Chat  #grid channel  and RFC PRs. Grid community meetings have resumed, with a schedule of one every 4 weeks. Work on grooming the backlog of issues and reflecting current work on Grid’s project board has been a priority.  

Current Plans

Adding support for storing locations via a smart contract with a focus on supporting GS1 locations.  

Refactoring and moving the daemon database module into the Grid SDK and adding  Sqlite  support as well as in-memory implementations to facilitate testing.  

Publishing RFCs outlining support for inventory functionality.  

Maintainer Diversity

The list of active maintainers for Hyperledger Grid currently remains unchanged. There are 18 maintainers across the different repos.   

We anticipate adding additional maintainers as contributions increase for areas currently in development.   

Contributor Diversity

Several new subject-matter experts have joined as contributors, which has increased the range of knowledge and thought leadership within the community.  

Sponsoring organizations that are actively contributing to Grid include Cargill, Target, GS1, and Bitwise IO. Additional contributions come from individual contributors.  

Additional Information

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