Project Health

  • 2 active maintainers
  • PRs continuously submitted and merged (non-bot PR rate dropped a bit since the previous quarter, expected to improve in the next quarter due to mentorship-related updates).
  • The PR backlog increased a bit due to version bumping bots.
  • Questions on Discord and GitHub are regularly answered.
  • Monthly contributor calls (discussion happens mostly on Discord, as needed).
  • Mentorship-related preparations and improvements are expected in the next quarter.

Questions/Issues for the TOC

Not at this time.


The latest stable release is v0.5.0; we’re also continuously publishing unstable releases after every merged PR:

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

List of merged PRs (1)

Summary of activities:

  • Docker monitoring bug fix
  • Evaluating Caliper capabilities/limitations for upcoming mentorship project

The activity has been minimal in the last quarter due to the maintainers being otherwise engaged. The mentorship is expected to reignite the activity around Caliper.

Current Plans

  • Overview and decrease the issue backlog.
  • Create developer docs that exhaustively document internal Caliper workings.
  • Focus on the monitoring and reporting subsystem to easily incorporate the mentorship project outcome.

Maintainer Diversity

Current maintainers unchanged.

Contributor Diversity

Contributions from maintainers and the community.

Additional Information