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2020 Q1 Hyperledger Cello

Created by Baohua Yang, last modified by Gari Singh on Apr 27, 2020

Project Health

Due to the vacations and corona-virus disease,  we have canceled numbers of weekly meetings in Feb. The meeting will start since the 2nd week of Mar.

Now we are re-designing the architecture and finishing the features for v1.0.

There is new members to join the project like Dixing, and he is getting familiar with the project.


The implementation of the new governing model is not as quick as planed. We are lacking of front end developers, will recruit some candidates.


v1.0.0 (In plan)

  • New governing model;
  • Support fabric v1.4 LTS and 2.0 experimentally;
  • Support k8s operator agent.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

  • Design the new governing model;
  • Re-designed and the dashboard workflow for the new APIs;
  • Updated the document for the new architecture.

Current Plans

Finish the new dashboard implementation High

Finish the workflow with the k8s operator agent


Fix all github related warnings and optimize the process

Support HLF 1.4 LTS and later version Medium

Maintainer Diversity

Current there are 4 maintainers, and those active developers who contribute to cello continuously (3 month) will be nominated.

  • Baohua Yang (Oracle)
  • Haitao Yue (IBM)
  • Tong Li (IBM)
  • Jiahao Chen (VMware)

Contributor Diversity

Not changed too much. We have one new active member.

Additional Information


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Could you describe the new "governing model" a little bit?

Posted by at Mar 10, 2020 15:24

Dan Middleton  , Yes, the major purpose is to allow the members of a blockchain network to govern their own resource separately, and Cello would like  to provide this convenience, especially they want to collaborate together to have business transactions with blockchain ledgers. More details can be found at  .

Posted by baohua at Mar 12, 2020 21:32