2022 Q4 Hyperledger Cello

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2022 Q3 Hyperledger Cello 2022

Project Health

Project health is OK with working on the coming v1.0 release.  v1.0.0-alpha2 is released on May 30, 2022.  v1.0.0-beta is planned this quarter. v1.0.0 hopefully could be released by the end of year. 

The 1.0 release is with new architecture.

  1. The new dashboard is almost done;
  2. New agent design and docker agent implementation are done;
  3. Continue the  API Engine;

Xichen Pan  joins us as an intern for Linux mentorship program this Q3, and has started to contribute the Cello project, and actively participates weekly meetings.

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Questions/Issues for the TSC

There are no issues.


  1. v1.0.0-alpha2 is done in May, 2022.
  2. v1.0.0-beta1 is done in November.
  3. v1.0.0 is planed in December.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

In Q4, we are working on the API engine and front end parts.

  • Finish the development of API engine.
  • node APIs are done;
  • channel APIs are done;
  • organizations APIs are done.
  • Finish front end pages of channel and node management
  • Improve documentation

Current Plans

Next steps include:

  • Finish the v1.0.0 GA release in the December of 2022.

Maintainer Diversity

Current there are 3 maintainers, and those active developers who contribute to cello continuously (3 month) may be nominated as new maintainers. 

Contributor Diversity

In Q4, we have a total of 24 commits from 5 contributors.

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Baohua Yang – That is exciting to hear about the upcoming 1.0.0 release.  If you'd like help spreading the word about the release, we're happy to help you with that.  There are a number of things we could do to help this get attention – run meetups or workshops, plan blog and social media posts and more.  This presentation has a number of recommendations for how to raise the profile of a project and a release .  If we can help you with this, feel free to reach out.

Posted by davidwboswell at Dec 01, 2022 00:11

hi Baohua Yang I assume documentation is the current focus for the 1.0 release? I don't see much update so far since the last time I reviewed it for the last quarter's report.

Posted by jimthematrix at Dec 08, 2022 15:06