2020 Q1 Hyperledger Burrow

Created by Gregory Hill, last modified by Gari Singh on Apr 27, 2020

Project Health

Stable, minimal feature work since last report. Outreach on Rocket.Ch”at and GitHub reasonably active, however no new code contributors.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

Promotion of Burrow in previous quarter has not improved contribution diversity, further suggestions are welcome.


Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

  • Bug fixes in response to user issues and various library upgrades.
  • Re-write of client JS lib in TypeScript. [ #1318 ]

Current Plans

See: https://github.com/hyperledger/burrow/issues/1331

  • Introduce new ‘proxy’ tooling to improve security - i.e. no more ‘mempool signing’.
  • Implement and test eWASM support.
  • Work on cross-calls between EVM, eWASM and Natives.
  • Experimental Cosmos IBC support.

Maintainer Diversity

No new maintainers. However, one recent departure from Monax has retained maintainer status. Therefore we have 3 internal and 3 external maintainers.

Contributor Diversity

No new contributors.

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