Project Health

Hyperledger Solang development is going well, and we continue to make strides towards compatibility with the latest Solana and Polkadot chains. Our issues count is going down slightly.

We had been interviewing for more engineers, however funding was cut before a final decision was made.

Questions/Issues for the TOC

There are no issues at this time.


  • 2023-10-26: Hyperledger Solang v0.3.3: Atlantis

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

  • We’ve introduced new syntax for specifying the required accounts on Solana
  • The language server has many new features thanks to the Hyperledger Mentorship; e.g. Solidity code format and variable rename works now
  • We have done a new release of the vscode extension.
  • Many bug fixes
  • Improved compatibility with Ethereum Solidity syntax.

Current Plans

  • Do everything to support and attract Solidity developers on Solana and Polkadot
  • Improve the developer experience for Solidity
  • Maintain compatibility with the latest Solidity version
  • More security audits

Maintainer Diversity

We have three active maintainers: Sean Young, Lucas Steuernagel, and Cyrill Leutwiler. They are distributed across Solana Labs and Parity Technologies. See

Contributor Diversity

See LFX Insights.

Additional Information

None at this time.