2016 10 20 TSC Minutes

Hyperledger Project

Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting

October 20, 2016 (7:00am - 8:00am PT) via GoToMeeting

TSC Members

Name Present
Arnaud Le Hors Yes
Binh Nguyen Yes
Christopher Ferris Yes
Dan Middleton Yes
Greg Haskins Yes
Hart Montgomery Yes
Mic Bowman Yes
Murali Krishna Katipalli Yes
Richard Brown Yes
Sheehan Anderson Yes
Tamas Blummer Yes



  • Action Item Review
  • R3’s Corda Platform:  A technical introduction (Richard Brown)
  • Incident procedure in code of conduct (Arnaud)
  • Numbering scheme for HIP
  • WG Updates

Action Item Review

  • December Hackfest

    • We are still targeting December 5th & 6th in New York.  We will update once we have determined the venue and further details.
  • wiki.hyperledger.org migration

    • WG leads or anyone else that contributed to the Github wiki, please continue to migrate your content over to the new wiki.
  • Communication Tools - evaluating discuss.hyperledger.org (please create your account, if you have not already)

R3’s Corda Platform:  A technical introduction (Richard Brown)

Numbering scheme for HIP (Vipin)

  • wiki.hyperledger.org/community/proposals

  • It says that every project that it is incubated or considered would have a number assigned to it, much like numbers assigned to BIP or EIP where there are large numbers of proposals or projects incubated.

  • Somebody needs to assign these numbers, then we can have a better catalog of what is going on, easier to navigate and find, at least on top-level.

  • CF:  trying to have all proposals added to wiki… then update to indicate status (reviewed, approved, etc.) and linking to meeting minutes.

    • Vipin:  Number is in template, this is not a new thing.
    • CF:  Right, maintaining editorial oversight.
    • Arnaud:  Understand numbering scheme to force organization… but, it is just another piece of info that you have to keep track of.  Can we better organize on wiki instead of doing numbering?
    • Vipin:  just following good practices that we’ve seen on other projects.  Path towards a process.
    • Jared:  supportive of this, we seem to be saying the same thing.  There are a list of proposals, this is just bookkeeping. This makes it unique and unambiguous.

Incident procedure in code of conduct (Arnaud)

  • https://wiki.hyperledger.org/community/hyperledger-project-code-of-conduct

  • LF is advocating reuse of our Code of Conduct in other LF projects to have one standard CoC across LF projects. One project raised concern over the Incident procedure that I think is worth discussing. The issue has to do with the use of a mailing list to report abuse. The point (I think rightly) was made that this could discourage reporting and that it would be better to point to specific people instead.

  • Mike Dolan:  For most of other code of conducts, we do identify specific individuals, as they understand how to handle anything that arises (and it is transparent who someone is connecting with).

    • Discussion ensued leading to the outcome that Arnaud will work with Mike Dolan to identify 1-2 individuals to get listed in the Hyperledger code of conduct.

WG Updates

[please send over via email]


  • December Hackfest preparation
  • Communication Tools (Brian/Todd)
  • Incident procedure in code of conduct – Arnaud to work with Mike Dolan to identify the appropriate people to get listed in the code of conduct (Arnaud)