_Copy this template to the subdirectory for the current year and name the file `YYYY-annual-Project-Name.md` (e.g., `2024-annual-Hyperledger-Amazing.md`). Update the information above to change the `title` to the `YYYY Annual Review Project Name` (e.g., `2024 Annual Review Hyperledger Amazing`), the `parent` to `YYYY` (e.g., 2024), the `grand_parent` to `Project Updates`, and remove the `nav_exclude` line. Text between `` are instructions. Please remove when section has been completed._

Project Health

_Include a link to your project’s [LFX Insights page](https://insights-v2.lfx.linuxfoundation.org/projects). We will be looking for signs of consistent or increasing contribution activity. Please feel free to add commentary to add color to the numbers and graphs we will see on Insights._

Maintainer Diversity

_How many maintainers do you have, and which organisations are they from? How has the maintainers and diversity of your maintainers changed in the past year? Has the number of active maintainers increased/decreased? Has the diversity of maintainers increased/decreased? Please include a link to your existing [MAINTAINERS file](/guidelines/MAINTAINERS-guidelines.html) and the MAINTAINERS file from last year (if appropriate). This is a good opportunity to ensure that your MAINTAINERS file is up to date and to retire any maintainers._

Project Adoption

_What do you know about adoption, and how has this changed since your last review or since being accepted into Hyperledger Foundation? If you can list companies that are adopters of your project, please do so. Feel free to link to an existing ADOPTERS file if appropriate._


Performance Against Prior Goals

_Include information about the goals that you previously set for the project in the last review or since the project proposal has been approved. How has the project performed against these goals? If your goals changed from your previous annual report, let us know what changed and why. If you have not achieved the goals that you set out, that is okay. We want to know what you have accomplished and what challenges the project is having in meeting the goals._

Next Year’s Goals

_What are the goals for the next year of the project? The goals should list what you want to achieve, not just what you know you can achieve. Feel free to include stretch goals and things that you are looking to explore in the next year. For example, are you working on major new features? Or are you concentrating on adoption, community growth, or documentation?_

Help Required

_How can the Hyperledger Foundation or the TOC help you achieve your upcoming goals?_

Project Lifecycle Stage Recommendation

_What stage do you think the project should be? If you you think that your project meets the criteria for another stage, please explain why. (See [Project Lifecycle](/governing-documents/project-lifecycle.html))_