Project Health

Hyperledger Aries is healthy, seeing lots of activity overall, especially in all of the Aries communities, including Aries Framework JavaScript, Aries Bifold (mobile wallet), Aries Cloud Agent Python, Aries VCX and Aries Framework Go. Lots of progress being made on all of those efforts!

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The following Aries releases occurred in the last quarter:

Interoperability status can be seen here:

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Per the Aries Activity Dashboard for the months of April-June 2023, Aries codebases had 387 PRs (down 12%) from 70 contributors (down 13%).

Aries Framework Reports

Aries VCX

  • Interop compatibility improvements
    • Initial did-exchange implementation, working interop with aca-py
  • Implementation of new components:
    • did_doc - build and work DID documents
    • did_resolver - infrastructure for resolving arbitrary did methods
    • did_parser - parse and build DIDs
    • did_sov, did_web, did:peer - did:sov, did:web, did:peer resolvers
    • indy_ledger_response_parser - data model for indy ledger responses
  • Complete transition for anoncreds operations from libindy to credx
  • Additional features for indy-vdr integration
    • Pluggable txn submitter (indy-vdr, indy-vdr-proxy, …)
    • Pluggable txn response caching
    • Pluggable txn signing
  • 2 projects LFX mentorship program in progress:

Aries Framework JavaScript

Aries Framework JavaScript release 0.4.0 was (as noted above) a major milestone. The smooth deployment of AFJ 0.4.0 into Aries Bifold was impressive, especially the seamless upgrade of Mobile Wallets from [Indy SDK ]to Aries Askar storage. The addition of OpenID4VCs exchange protocols expands the use cases for Aries Framework JavaScript. The maintainers of the Aries Framework JavaScript library are looking to coordinate efforts to support the EU’s EUDI/ARF efforts in at least Aries Framework JavaScript and, ideally, all Aries implementations.

Aries Cloud Agent Python

Aries Cloud Agent Python (ACA-Py) Release 0.9.0 was an important upgrade that changes the dependency on the now archived Hyperledger Ursa project to its updated, improved replacement, AnonCreds CL Signatures. ACA-Py users are strongly encouraged to use Aries Askar for all deployments, and to eliminate the use of the Indy SDK. An Indy SDK to Askar migration document has been added to the documentation site, and a deprecation warning added to the ACA-Py startup.

Aries Framework Go

There was a significant uptick in activity around Aries Framework Go this quarter. The focus has been on adding support for the proposed SD-JWT verifiable credential approach, as well as updates to the DIF Presentation Exchange implementation, and VC Data Integrity Specification handling.

Current Plans

Maintainer Diversity

There are currently 62 people on the 48 Hyperledger Aries teams representing at least 19 organizations.

Contributor Diversity

In 2023Q2 there were contributions from 70 individuals representing at least 18 organizations.

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