Project Health

  • Hyperledger Bevel continues to grow strong in terms of community interest.
  • The project is on track with its roadmap and release commitments.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

  • None at the moment


  • Up comming end of May release v0.14.0

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

  1. New platform added: Support for substrate based DSCP platform.
  2. Major features:
    • Cactus-Connectors for HL Besu platform.
    • Node monitoring and permissioning for HL Besu platform.
  3. Added support for Kubernetes v1.23.
  4. New repo created for bevel examples - Hyperledger Bevel-Samples
  5. Submitted two proposals for 2023 Hyperledger Mentorship Program, of which one got selected:

Current Plans

  1. Release v0.14.0.
  2. Groom roadmap for Bevel v1.0.
  3. Interview candidates for the Mentorship program.
  4. Workshop on using Bevel and Bevel-Operator-Fabric to deploy HL Fabric. Link

Maintainer Diversity

  • Existing maintainers:
    • Jagpreet Singh Sasan (Accenture)
    • Sownak Roy (Accenture)
    • Suvajit Sarkar (Accenture)
    • Aditya Joshi (Walmart)
    • Arun S M (Walmart)
    • Weihong Ou (Walmart)
  • Emeritus Maintainers:
    • Jonathan M Hamilton (Accenture)
    • Tracy Kuhrt (Accenture)

Contributor Diversity

Additional Information

  • N/A