2023 Q1 Hyperledger Cacti

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Project Health

  • Cactus and Weaver were merged to one project “Cacti.”  The maintainers almost completed the first code merge and will release the first Cacti v2-alpha (tentative name) in Q1 2023.
  • The maintainers are also discussing the new architecture of Cacti toward Cacti-V2 in order to combine the strengths of the original Cactus and Weaver to achieve a more flexible interoperability tool.
  • Cacti has newly supported the interoperability with Iroha V2 and Ubiquity SDK.
  • Weaver now supports organizational identity syncing and event pub/sub across Fabric networks, and atomic swaps involving ERC-standard tokens in Besu networks with Fabric and Corda networks.  These will be merged in Cacti V2-alpha release on Q1 2023.

Required Information

  1. Have you switched from master to main in all your repos ? Yes
  2. Have you implemented the Common Repository Structure in all your repos ? Yes
  3. Has your project implemented these inclusive language changes listed below to your repo? You can optionally use the DCI Lint tool to make this a recurring action on your repo. Yes, we use DCI-Lint as part of our CI
    1. master → main
    2. slave → replicas
    3. blacklist → denylist
    4. whitelist → allowlist
  4. Have you added an Inclusive Language Statement to your project’s documentation and/or Wiki pages?  Yes

Questions/Issues for the TSC

  • None at the moment.


Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

  1. Major Cactus updates as merged pull-requests
  2. interoperability with ledgers:
  3.  [new_feature] Iroha: add support for Iroha V2
    1. interoperability with ledgers:
      1.  [new_feature] Iroha: add support for Iroha V2
        1. https://github.com/hyperledger/cactus/commit/db789690b64d68b3dda70578127338bdc02e92bd
        2. https://github.com/hyperledger/cactus/commit/6ff6aac7fff4669fca873ef40ae6b0818e70b5ec
      2. [new_feature] Ubiquity SDK: initial version
        1. https://github.com/hyperledger/cactus/commit/7c597907910bd5cac919c855a3bfa9e533b6d5dd
      3. [update] Fabric: add WatchBlocks endpoint
        1. https://github.com/hyperledger/cactus/commit/0f670855b0fa0fd33f71bf5a1814fb6fcac2c7b6
      4. [update] Fabric: add transactions signed on the client side
        1. https://github.com/hyperledger/cactus/commit/0b34ca3d35a39826c05cc047e480d377c1c52bef
      5. [update] ODAP: decouple the gateway implementation from any ledger
        1. https://github.com/hyperledger/cactus/commit/6975fefd4994cc9c6dd7d649dc2d6400646a59ae
    2. support features:
      1. [update] support multiple business-logic-plugins in the single server
        1. https://github.com/hyperledger/cactus/commit/0f670855b0fa0fd33f71bf5a1814fb6fcac2c7b6
  4.  Major Weaver updates as merged pull requests (* These will be merged in Cacti V2-alpha release in Q1 2023)
    1. ERC-token support for Besu networks engaging in asset swaps
      1. https://github.com/hyperledger-labs/weaver-dlt-interoperability/pull/299
    2. Identity syncing across Fabric networks using organization-specific agents running a flow
      1. https://github.com/hyperledger-labs/weaver-dlt-interoperability/pull/322
      2. https://github.com/hyperledger-labs/weaver-dlt-interoperability/pull/316
  5. Created a draft architecture diagram for Cacti as a fusion of Cactus and Weaver, with the goal of providing a flexible or customizable interoperability toolkit 
    1. The architecture has been brushed-up among weekly maintainer calls.  This will be started to be referred on the next release (Cacti V2-beta on Q1-Q2)
    2. The architectural evolution is called out in two distinct phases:
      1. A common platform and toolkit with Cactus and Weaver modules and libraries coexisting and solving similar purposes
      2. An integrated platform and toolkit with similar-purpose modules and libraries from Cactus and Weaver fused into common Cacti modules and libraries

Current Plans

  1. Release plan:
    1. Cacti V2-alpha (Q1): The first proto version of Cacti combining the original Cactus and Weaver
    2. Cacti V2-beta (Q1-Q2): The first version of Cacti based on the new architecture (combined with the strengths of Cactus and Weaver)
  2. Other features:
    1. Cacti Transaction GUI feature (Q1)
    2. DID registry-based identity management for cross-network data sharing
    3. Automated relay-based asset swaps using cross-network events
    4. Supporting data sharing (with proof generation and validation) in for Fabric PDCs
    5. Supporting data sharing (with proof generation and validation) in Besu networks
  3. Standardization:
    1. Track the Secure Asset Transfer (SAT) group’s efforts toward forming an official IETF Working Group
    2. If it becomes an official WG, influence and comply (i.e., in Cacti code) with protocol drafts (eventually RFCs) for interoperability standards

Maintainer Diversity

  • Our existing maintainers are:
  • Jagpreet Singh Sasan (Accenture)
  • Jonathan Hamilton (Accenture)
  • Peter Somogyvari (Accenture)
  • Izuru Sato (Fujitsu)
  • Takuma Takeuchi (Fujitsu)
  • Sandeep Nishad (IBM)
  • Venkatraman Ramakrishna (IBM)

Contributor Diversity

Additional Information

  • N/A

Reviewed By


Peter Somogyvari – That's great to hear about plans for Cacti v2.  If I remember correctly there was a mention last year that the Cacti maintainers may be interested in running a new Cacti workshop this year to cover what's new in the v2 release.  I'll be happy to help with that and I think th"at would be a great way to introduce people to all the new features.  Let me know if you'd like to talk more about this and we can come up with a plan.

Posted by davidwboswell at Jan 17, 2023 17:16

The "Reviewed By" list needs to be update to the new TOC membership.

Posted by lehors at Jan 18, 2023 07:49

Well, I updated it.

Posted by lehors at Jan 18, 2023 07:50

David Boswell Yes, we'd like to talk to our (current and future) users about the merge, the set of features and options they get to pick from, and a description of the architecture. The last workshop (early November) I think covered the Cactus features; in the next edition, we can talk about both Cactus and Weaver features within Cacti, and our roadmap towards integrating the two sets.

The maintainers can discuss and come up with a suitable time frame for the next workshop. Tentatively, I'll propose mid-February.

Posted by vramaiitkgp at Jan 18, 2023 09:09

Cactus and Weaver were merged to one project "Cacti."

While the Hyperledger website already shows Cacti as project, there are still two github projects. Is there already a plan to create github.com/hyperledger/cacti and continue efforts there?

Posted by bur at Jan 18, 2023 15:06

Yes, Marcus. There is a process we've outlined to do that. It's been held up because there have been several pending PRs in Weaver which needed to be merged before we could do the final port. Hopefully any day now.

Posted by vramaiitkgp at Jan 18, 2023 17:08

The template was updated, but this looks like a copy-paste

Posted by ryjones at Jan 18, 2023 18:58